We are Aaron and Jasmine. Budget travellers, music lovers, adventure enthusiasts, food & drink aficionados.

We created this blog as a way for our friends and family to keep up with us while we’re on the road.
This is the story of our great wandering affair.

About Aaron, written by Jasmine
Some people are doers and some people are dreamers, and Aaron is a rare combination of both. He possesses not just a creative mind, but also the tenacity to make his ideas come to life. Aaron has impeccable taste in music. He always knows which bands are in town and is always ready to discuss their latest album. He reads Hemingway and Kerouac and possesses a quite a knack for discovering great tv shows. He arrives on time, every time. He makes his bed and folds his laundry and generally sets a very good example for his untidy girlfriend. He loves tattoos, his collection of which is constantly growing. He is always seeking out an interesting new microbrew or spiced whiskey to try. He really, really likes socks, and if caesar salad is on the menu, he will order it.

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About Jasmine, written by Aaron
Jasmine has this way of continuously surprising you in little ways that make you wonder how she does it all. She is always willing to be a goofball and make a fool of herself in the name of having fun. On any given day her creative mind is thinking of the next do-it-yourself project and she turns any package (envelope, box, suitcase), any baking (muffins, cakes, cookies), anything at all really, into a personalized work of art. Jasmine finds joy in many forms, whether it be in seeing the increasingly steady growth of her plants as she tends to her garden, the sense of peace she feels when she stretches during a yoga session, the semi-sweet taste of a freshly made pot of loose leaf tea, the smell of the pine-scented northern air, or the raucous sounds of laughter belonging to all her friends and family.

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Due to having so many images and links on the blog, you may have to refresh the page before they decide to show up.

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  1. Aaron and Jasmine ….budget travellers and adventurers!! I wish you great adventures, amazing discoveries, milestone memories … and safe, happy, contented travels. Can’t wait to read all about your cross-Canada travels and all the many sights you’ll see and the great people you’ll meet.

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