As we boarded the ferry which would take us to Vancouver Island I couldn’t help but think of our ride on the chi-cheemaun back at the start of our great Canadian adventure. That first ferry brought us to Manitoulin Island, a beautiful place that we both quickly fell in love with. Vancouver Island would be no different.

The trip was sunny and windy, and we had fun spotting seagulls and sailboats until arriving on the island. Victoria proved to be a really fun little city to hang out in. Cute shops, old buildings and lots of great food won me over almost immediately.

One our first stops in Victoria was the Royal BC Museum. The day we visited happened to be the opening day of a new exhibit on gold rushes. The exhibit was interesting but also very crowded! We carried on to some of the museum’s permanent displays, where we had a little more breathing room. We soon found ourselves face to face with a huge mammoth whose enclosure was complete with real ice! We followed the museum through time, passing through ice ages to the days of confederation, the second world war, and even a display on the 1990’s where Pokemon toys and a Nintendo sat behind protective glass!

My cousins recommended a visit the food truck Red Fish Blue Fish, advice we were more than happy to take. When we arrived, there was quite the line up… and for a good reason. The chowder blew me away, and the fish tacos were mighty fine too. I was tempted to try the entire menu… and actually got pretty close -over the course of our visit we made not one, not two, but three visits to Red Fish Blue Fish.

Through friends and cousins, we accumulated a serious list of cool stores to check out in town. In our wandering we discovered a few good finds ourselves. With budget in mind we mainly window shopped, although we each treated ourselves to a stack of clever postcards from The Regional Assembly of Text. A cool little stationary and gift store, The Regional Assembly of Text also boasts “letter writing booths” where you pay by the half hour to use all the supplies you want (not to mention a real live typewriter) to craft the perfect letter.

A good friend of ours recommended we visit Cafe Bliss, a vegan juice bar and raw food cafe, so we decided to make a stop for lunch. I was pretty excited about my jar of “liver cleansing” beet juice, although Aaron was slightly less stoked on his vegan, organic, raw, gluten free panini.

After our hippie food we toured the British Columbia Parliament Buildings. As we were leaving a group of protestors began to approach. We sat on the grass for a while and laughed at some of the (pretty ignorant) signs the protestors were carrying. Eventually we made our way to the harbor where we had some patio drinks and watched the rest of the protest from afar.

Cocktails in hand, sun on our skin, we began to discuss our next destination…

Until next time.


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