Kelowna // Penticton // Chilliwack

The first stop we made on the way into Kelowna was at the Myra Canyon Trestles. This hike used to be a working railroad line, the Kettle Valley Railroad (KVR), and has since been decommissioned and taken down. What’s left is a fantastic trail through the hills that can be walked or biked. It is rather long and would likely be most enjoyed on a bike (which can be rented during peak season). Being the shoulder season, we walked. In the distance you can faintly see Kelowna in the bottom of the valley. The drive up to the trailhead is a bit rough (gravel) but feels very adventurous!

The trestles were numbered and many had been rebuilt because of a fire that decimated the area. Info signs frequently appear on the side of the trail that provide interesting backstory. The tunnels were a highlight for both us.

Chipmunks were a frequent and enjoyable sight. It was obvious that people feed them as this one came right up to my hand when I pretended to have something in it. He blends in exceptionally well to his environment. The first time I glanced at the photo below, I thought it was just a random shot of rocks.

In another tunnel there were many initials on the walls. The one below was the oldest we could make out.

There were some cool insects along the trail as well.

We turned around after about four kilometres and enjoyed some dark clouds rolling in on the walk back to the parking lot.

After getting into Kelowna we parked by the shoreline and walked as far as we could. There were quite a few tourists around making for good people watching. We also caught a good look at a rainstorm that materialized across the bridge in North Kelowna that eventually came across to us. With the wind throwing water from a fountain far into the street, we escaped into the Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery and browsed. For the rest of the day we spent some time downtown and in a cool little Japanese Garden.

The Japanese Garden was small but enjoyable. The koi fish were fun to watch and we lingered for a little while.

Having our fill of Kelowna, we decided to continue on our journey. We were both pleasantly surprised by just how beautiful Penticton turned out to be. With borders on both the Okanagan and Skaha Lakes it is a quaint little town with a lot to offer. We caught a movie before leaving the next day.

We decided on a bit of a detour to Chilliwack, driving south to Osoyoos and getting off the busy #97 for the #3. The drive through the mountain valleys was pleasant. The #3 travels through Keremeous, Hedley, Princeton, and Sunshine Valley before reconnecting to the #1 through Hope and then onwards to Chilliwack.

Outdoor food markets were everywhere and we stopped at a tiny campsite / recreation area by the Similkameen River for lunch. The rest of the drive slowly gave way to hills completely covered by trees, creating the illusion of giant bushes.

Bridal Veil Falls was our next stop. Being right off the bustling #1 and being a known tourist destination we expected some people. There were almost none! The short trek to the falls was stunning.

The path was well worn and easy to follow into the dense forest. The air was like candy as different spring growth filled our noses.

The walk up to the falls was absolutely incredible. The sound hit us before we could see it, just adding to the anticipation. As we came closer it slowly showed itself, a Rivendell worthy waterfall. We walked right up to it and enjoyed its splendour for quite some time. Pictures don’t do it justice, as always. What’s amazing is only half of the waterfall is actually visible from the bottom because of its reclining slope.

It was a perfect way to end the day. Next stop Vancouver!

Below is the best picture of the falls we took. Look for a post from Jasmine coming up. Adios for now.

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