Lussier Hot Springs

If you’ve ever been to the Rockies, you’ve probably visited a hot spring. There are lots around and each one has something a little different to offer.  When Aaron and I were in Banff we visited the pool style hot spring there, which was fun in spite of being a little crowded. When we got to Golden we heard about Lussier, a natural hot spring a few hours out of Golden. In March we took our friend Rebecca, who was visiting from Ontario, to see the springs with us. In the spirit of trying something new, I’ve put together a little video from the day. I filmed everything with my iPhone, so it’s definitely a little rough around the edges, but I think it captures the spirit of the place.

Our visit in March was my first time to the springs, but Aaron had a chance to check it out with some of his buddies earlier on the winter when there was still some snow on the ground. The photos below are from that first visit. 

Stay tuned for Aaron’s account of our latest adventure!


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