When we first arrived in Saskatoon we immediately stopped for lunch at the Riversdale Deli for some excellent sandwiches. Opting to walk off the meal afterwards, we explored a bit of downtown without the camera (something I regret). We found the location of a beer house we were interested in visiting before heading back to the car in order to beat the timer on our parking spot.

After this, we visited LB Distilleries, one of the top “activities” to partake in in Saskatoon (according to the internet). We certainly enjoyed our short tour of the small distillery. You can simply walk in and the staff are more than happy to tour you around the back and fill you in on their passions. After the tour we were treated to the full array of sampling – a small shot for every product they had! At the end of it, I was impressed enough to buy a 26 of honey and pepper vodka (which normally I hate) while Jasmine decided on a liqueur.

Unsure of what to do next, we ended up at the beer house we had scouted out earlier (Congress Beer House) and lounged until our hearts were content. Turns out staying at a craft beer house for over 4 hours, enjoying appetizers and drinks for the afternoon and early evening yields a hefty bill. Unfazed, we left for the Walmart parking lot with our stomachs full and looking forward to the next day.

When we woke with the usual Walmart clientele, we decided to hit the Saskatoon Western Development Museum. Although it asks a $12 entry fee, it hosts old cars, a very interactive exhibit of an early prairie settler experience, the 1910 Boomtown Street and some ancient farm equipment.

Oh, and of course Big Bert, a 92 million year old crocodile, currently on loan from the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

Here are some of the cool automobiles we saw.

Entering 1910 Boomtown, we were treated to walking an entire street of open buildings setup exactly like it was over 100 years ago.

Once we were finished with Boomtown we saw some old locomotives and farming equipment as well as the early settler experience with included some very neat old photographs.

After this we decided on a walk along the Saskatchewan River in downtown. We ate lunch and discovered a few out of the ordinary things including an outdoor fitness centre that reminded me of Muscle beach in Los Angeles.

We both felt that Saskatoon was a place we would enjoy returning to in the future. As car campers, we’re limited to what we can do in the cities. We felt like we had done it justice for the time being so we headed for the halfway point (Swift Current) to our projected next destination of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. As always, we stopped along the way for some pictures.

Wanting to get to the park, we unfortunately spent very little time in Swift Current other than our overnight stay at the Walmart lot.
In the morning we headed to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park – something to be covered in the next post! Stay tuned.

– Aaron

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  1. Coldplay – “. . . I look up to the sky, A flock of birds hovering above. . . ”
    Was it as joyful to witness as I imagine?

  2. Glad you enjoyed the Sandwiches at the deli! Randomly stumbled across your blog – but thanks so much for the visit and shout out! Looking forward to seeing you the next time you are in town 🙂 Happy travels!

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