Regina // Watrous // Moose Jaw

Our first couple days in Saskatchewan were eventful, but for everything we did we seem to have very few photos to show for it! Please excuse the lack of visual evidence in this post, we promise to make up for it with the next one!

Our main stop in Regina was a visit to the Saskatchewan Legislative Building. Traveling during the off season has many advantages, but it has a few disadvantages too. The biggest of which is that tourist attractions are not always expecting any tourists. We arrived to find the Legislative Building under construction and it’s gardens awaiting replanting. In spite of empty flower beds and a large section of the building hidden by scaffolding, it was still beautiful, and still worth the visit.

From Regina, we made a day trip to Watrous, MB a small town on the banks of Little Manitou Lake. This funny little lake in the middle of the prairies is a pretty special one. Little Manitou is endorheic, meaning it doesn’t connect to any other bodies of water, it doesn’t flow anywhere. Fed by underground springs, the lake has a salt content of 180 grams per liter giving it a density half that of the dead sea. Native Peoples have long believed in the healing powers of Little Manitou Lake, and today people still visit the spa in Watrous to take advantage of the unique composition of minerals in the water.

After learning about this landmark in the research we did prior to our trip we were both pretty excited to experience it firsthand. We had perfect weather for our beach day, which made getting into the chilly water at least a little bit easer. Laying on our backs and looking up at the cloudless sky we couldn’t believe it, the water really was buoyant enough to keep us afloat effortlessly! On the beach the sand was covered in salt marks, and as we dried so were we. We couldn’t help but notice what seemed to be pretty high water levels. In fact, we were swimming among partially submerged playground equipment! With nowhere for the water to flow, the town of Watrous has been subject to dramatically rising water levels in recent years.

After our swim we explored the town. Many businesses were closed for the season, but a little antique and art shop full of treasures was open, and we had fun doing a little hunting.

Our next stop was Moose Jaw. This little city in the south of Saskatchewan was a nice place to spend a couple days. I loved seeing the beautiful architecture of some of the older buildings around Main Street, and Aaron was particularly interested in the historical murals on many of the buildings. We took a tour of The Tunnels of Moose Jaw, which were used by Al Capone in his bootlegging empire. Our tour guides were actors dressed in costumes of the day, and they took us through the tunnels which have been restored and decorated to their 1920’s glory. Naturally the prohibition era tour left us feeling a little… thirsty. So we headed over to the nearest liquor store which was actually an old train station, and a really neat building.

Next up: Saskatoon. Can’t wait to tell you all about it!



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  1. Who knew: a salt water lake in the middle of the prairies – what a beautiful day – and, secret tunnels under Moose Jaw! Great photos too, in that little shop!

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