Thunder Bay // Dryden

The first thing we did upon our arrival in Thunder Bay was set up camp in a McDonalds. Not exactly the most glamourous way to spend our first couple hours in town, but we were in desperate need of some wifi to check e-mails, work on job applications and update the blog. After some catch up time, we headed to a sweet little lookout point to enjoy our dinner of instant noodles. We liked the view so much that we came back the next morning for breakfast.

After breakfast we made our way to Mt McKay, known for it’s beautiful views of Thunder Bay and the surrounding area. We read about a hike that takes you from the main lookout area to the very top of the mountain. Always up for a hike and a view, we decided we would give it a try. Extremely steep and mostly loose rock, the hike ended up being fairly challenging, but the view at the top was worth every bump and bruise.

Our next stop was the Terry Fox monument were we had a sunny, but still rather chilly picnic lunch.

Our plan was to spend the afternoon in Sleeping Giant provincial park, but we balked at the pricy entry fee. Only two weeks into this trip and we’ve already hiked so many amazing trails, mostly for free. The thought of paying so much to do something we do nearly every day was unappealing. Instead, we decided to abandon the great outdoors for a trip to the movies. Life on the road is amazing, but after a while you miss the little comforts that you take for granted in normal life. Spending an afternoon inside at the movies instead of outside on the trails may sound like a cop-out, but it was exactly what I needed. We saw Boyhood, filmed over 12 years with the same actors throughout. We both really loved this film and would highly recommend it!

After the movie, we decided to check out a cool pub I had read about on a travel site. The Sovereign Room was such a fun place to spend an evening. In addition to an impressive selection of beers, the bar was stocked with a VHS collection to please any movie buff. Dirty Dancing, ET, and the entire Monty Python collection were just a few of the classic titles on the overflowing shelf. The walls were adorned with an assortment of vintage paintings, taxidermy, and old cigarette ads. The menu was filled with all kinds of tasty improvements to classic favourites; Duck Confit Poutine, Sweet Potato Latkes, Fried Chicken and Waffles… just reading it had us drooling. Everything we ate was absolutely delicious, the ingredients were fresh and nearly everything (right down to the ranch dressing that came with my Apple BBQ wings) was made in-house from scratch. Our server was great, we told her about our trip and she told us about her time working in Dawson, YT. From the food to the music, we loved everything about The Sov. I’m already excited to come back to Thunder Bay so I can hang out here again.

From Thunder Bay it was a pretty driving day to Dryden, ON, Canada’s smallest city! We spent the night in Aaron Provincial Park (guess who picked that one?) where we had a nice campfire, wrote some postcards, and for the last time for a long time, went to sleep in Ontario.

In the morning we would set out for our first provincial boarder crossing. But more on that later…


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  1. So many interesting tidbits and beautiful photos, thanks! Your perch atop Thunder Bay looked like the best spot to be, and the views from Mt McKay are spectacular, The Sov made my mouth water, and I want to go see a creek flowing north after I watch Boyhood! Cute owl!

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