Departure Day

It is day 10 of this crazy adventure and I’m writing this at our beach campsite next to a blazing fire and a bottle of wine. Life is pretty good. We’re developing a rhythm and a bit of a routine, and we’re getting really good at living in an SUV. But before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you about our first couple of days.

Sunday morning was hectic to say the least. There seemed to be a million little last minute jobs to do and things still to pack. By the time we had the truck packed we were about three hours behind schedule (Which is quite typical for me, but completely unheard of for Aaron). Our first stop was my grandparents’ cottage in Grand Bend where we had a visit with them, and a quick swim.

Next was on to my Grandma’s farm where we had another short visit before our final destination of the day, my Aunt’s beautiful home in Southampton. We had a late but delicious dinner with her and our last night sleeping in a real bed for who knows how long.

The next morning we went for an amazing run on a trail recommended by my aunt. Half lakeside views, half lush forest, Southampton’s natural beauty was a sign of things to come. After a breakfast of extremely tasty Montreal style bagels we said our goodbyes and made our way to Owen Sound where our friends had a very tasty picnic planned. First they showed us Tom Thomson’s grave in the neighbouring town of Leith. It’s actually disputed where Tom’s body ended up but I am among those that believe he rests in Algonquin park. His Leith grave, as far as I am concerned, is empty. However, the cemetery near his family’s old farm was still a very cool place to visit. We had lunch and a swim at a scenic spot on the bay that apparently only locals know about.

We also paid a visit to the Tom Thomson art gallery where we got to see a lot of the painter’s early work, much of which he simply gave away to friends and family. The gallery also hosted a few art displays from other Canadian artists. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

We ended the afternoon with a hike on the Bruce Peninsula trail before making our way to the national park of the same name where we would spend our first night sleeping in the truck.

Until next time…

– j

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