New York City

This summer is absolutely flying by. It’s hard to believe that in just a few days Aaron and I will be starting our journey west! I figure that I should post about the last trip before we start the next one, so read on for part one of fabulous New York City!

I took this trip with my mom. I made my first visit to the city in high school, but before this trip my mom had never been to “The Big Apple”. It’s something we’ve talked about for a while and finally the stars aligned for our mother-daughter New York trip. Our adventure started (as many do) with a very early drive to the airport, the harshness of the morning only slightly lessened by two steaming thermoses of tea and the excitement of things to come.

Upon our arrival in LaGuardia we decided to attempt to make the trip to our hotel via public transportation, rather than blow 50 dollars on a cab. At first glance the bus ride to Manhattan, followed by subway trip to the upper west side seemed a bit overwhelming. It would have been easy to justify giving in and grabbing a cab, but I’m glad we stuck with it. Getting around via public transportation ended up being easy, and between that and a lot of walking we managed to go the entire trip without taking a single cab, a practise which was great for saving money, but also an excellent way to stumble upon cool places we wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Although the journey from airport to hotel wasn’t exactly difficult it certainly was an adventure. We met quite a few characters along the way, laughed at ourselves as we struggled to figure out our metrocard, and missed our subway stop (by a lot) because we were too busy catching up with each other to pay any attention to our surroundings!

After an early check-in to our hotel we headed to Battery Park for a Tall Ship Tour featuring some sweet views of the oh so famous skyline, and an up close and personal visit with Miss Liberty herself. If you’re looking for something touristy to do in NYC I would highly recommend Tall Ship. You get the classic tourist experience with the added twist of spending some time on a pretty sweet sailboat, which just happens to have a very well-stocked bar on board, so you can drink like a sailor as you take in the view. 

When we boarded our boat it was hot and humid, but as our tour came to a close winds picked up and dark clouds rolled in. By the time we were back on solid ground the sky opened up, and we were drenched in minutes. With our planned visit to Ground Zero rained out, we headed back to our hotel to dry off before making our way to broadway for the evening. Being fans of the Harry Potter series we decided to see Daniel Radcliffe’s latest stage production, The Cripple of Innishman. It’s a weird feeling to see a well known film actor (especially one known for a single specific roll) performing on stage, but the cast of Inishman did not fail to impress.

On our way back to our hotel we took in the city at night, and stumbled upon some tasty street food. Back in our room we made a few arrangements for the following day and were asleep as soon as heads hit pillows.


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