Progress Updates!

After an eventful Canada Day long weekend, I thought it would be fun to provide an update.

The big one: We have successfully found a truck for our trek across Canada! It’s a 2002 Honda CR-V. A great little SUV, it’s been driven for 190,000km but in rather impeccable condition. After visiting the dealer to check it out, and another trip to my mechanic, we purchased him/her (name to come). Look for updates on the vehicle page to come soon – including a “how to” on buying used.

We have also been busy at work updating the website which is currently starting to take on the look we will stick with. The About and Camera sections have been fully finished for now. Once we get on the road we will also be looking to change our header to a panorama we take. Our current one is the only image on our site that isn’t our own.

Last of all, eight weeks left until departure! I’m counting down the days I have left of my undergraduate degree (28) and then the rest is going to be fun times and preparation work. Couldn’t be more excited!

OH! I almost forgot to mention – Jasmine is currently in New York City! I’m certain she’ll be posting something about it when she returns so stay tuned; big things are on the horizon.


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